Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One Year of Blogging

  Today is my one year anniversary of blogging.  It's been fun, but I'm not going to say it has been a breeze.  There is a lot of effort that goes into writing a daily blog.  It is a larger time commitment than I had ever dreamed when I first started. I rarely put less than half an hour in per post, and some are in the works for several weeks/months before they ever see the light of day.  Good thing I'm an early riser - that is my blogging time, before the rest of the house is up, and an hour or two before I leave for work.

I've met some wonderful people along the journey - you know who you are, my faithful readers, and wonderful commentators.  Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. A special thank you to my sister in law @ Everything Changes In The Light, who has read every blog from Day one and commented on most.

I first started this venture as my own personal Happiness Project.  My initial thoughts were to run it for a year to see how it went.  Okay, it's going to keep going, but it may not be with the same frequency in the new year.  First of all I will be taking a short hiatus.  Then it may not necessarily be every day.  I just found the last couple months, churning out something every 24 hours left me publishing some blogs that were not where I really wanted them to be.  I'm a fussy little troll.  And then I look at some of the gems other bloggers seems to effortlessly craft on a daily basis.

So as promised yesterday, here they are - a drumroll (or at least a raspberry) please
 My Personal Favourite Blogs
(Not in any other order than chronological)

I guess if I take a look at these, I don't see many gardening or music themes, pretty heavy to nostalgia side of things.

The Daily Quest

This is a daily feature on The Musical Gardener blog. Below is a question, or puzzle that will change day by day. Do not use the comment section of the blog for your answer. 
Answer to Yesterday's Puzzle:  It's the stitching on a baseball.

Today's Puzzle:

1. Letter 6 is from the second half of the alphabet
2. Letter 5 is not in the word LETTUCE
3. Letter 4 appears elsewhere in the word
4. Letters 2, 1, and 7, in order, are the first three letters of something we consume too much of this time of year.
5. Letter 3 is a consonant
6. Letters 10, 8, and 9, in order, spell something we do too much of this time of year.

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
1    2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10

Please respond with your answer to the email below. I apologize but you will have to type my email address in manually (I'm attempting to avoid spammers).
And that's about all I have to say for today.

Musings and Meanderings from the Musical Gardener.


  1. Congratulations on your one year of blogging. I don't know how so many of you can write interesting posts every day. I am a one or two post a week person and I find that challenging. Next week it will be a year for me and I am so grateful to all the people who follow me or just come by to read and comment on a post or two.

    Again, congrats, job well done!

  2. Congrats on a year! You can take a hiatus, but I expect to see you back here before too long. :) And thanks for all the great FB Scrabble games! Happy New Year!

  3. Gardener: Compose at your own rate. There's no need to feel compelled to write something every day. Geez, my life is so boring I couldn't possibly think of something noteworthy to write about every single day (and, if you read some of those quotidian bloggers, you'll notice that sometimes they admit that they haven't got much to write about, either).

  4. So I should get a prize or something! :-)

    Good job on the daily posting. I'm attempting that, too, on my Wordpress blog and on here, and it is not hard to find words or photographs, just hard to find the time to organize it. But it is fun. Press on!

    Oh, I know, you can change your title to the Old Musical Gardener--that takes care of the nostalgia part. :-)

  5. Way to go on your first blog anniversary! I hope you continue..because it has been enjoyable reading about your life. I liked your Cow post and the one about your Mom was wonderful! Keep on keeping on! :)

  6. Woohoo Man!!! Happy Blogaversary!!! I would flunk quickly aimin' for daily postin'. Heck, the Ponderosa would fall apart!

    I do enjoy my reads over here...keep up the fantastic worl.

    God bless and have a great day!!! :o)

  7. just to say thank you for your kind comment x
    happy birthday x

  8. Your blog is certainly high quality for being a year old. You have interesting thing to say and are a good writer. you keep the reader reading.
    I don't think you have to apologize for posting on a less frequent basis.
    Have a great 2012.


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