Sunday, November 13, 2011

Funny Sayings I Grew Up With

Welcome to my newest follower Far Side Of Fifty.  I quite enjoy her blog, since we are both paddling in the same canoe these days.

Every area has it funny little colloquialisms, and Parry Sound, my hometown,  was no different than any other small town.  I've been endeavouring to come up with a list of some that I can remember growing up with.  I'd love to hear back from people, which ones are familiar to other parts of the country, and which ones are just wonderfully unique Parry Soundisms.

  • Fine as frogs hair -  a pretty good compliment - everything is hunky dory
  • Scarce as chickens teeth - couldn't be had for love nor money
  • By the holy old white pine - I think this just replaced less kosher expletives
  • A real ring-tail snorter - usually referred to the fish that got away - must have been a dandy
  • Holy Old Bald headed mackeral - not sure, but I think it replaced something less savoury
  • You're the stuff to put around apple trees - the highest compliment my grandfather ever paid his children, think about it!
  • Lord willing and the river don't rise - the sanitized version of "come hell or high water"
  • Do you mind the time? - do you remember when such and such happened? It was usually long before your time.
  • Dumb as a bag of hammers- not really a compliment
  • Ain't that a corker? - an unbelievable coincidence or happening
  • Homely as a stump fence - she weren't too purty
  • Lazy as a pet coon - akin to "work tickles his fingers"
  • Arse over teakettle - have a good trip last fall?
  • Thick as a brick - strong back and a weak mind
  • Well for land's sakes - usually an expression of surprise at meeting someone unexpectedly
  • Old as the hills on your granny's chest - I'd have to assume it mean prehistoric
  • Old as dirt - Ten years older than above
  • Tough as shoe leather - usually in reference to beef from a cow that should have been burgered
  • No use crying over spilt milk - get over it, what done is done
  • Upset the apple cart - things got a little out of kilter
  • I didn't fall off the turnip wagon yesterday - I'm a little too old to fall for that one 
  • Crooked as a dog's hind leg - watch your back, you're about to get skinned
  • Like a bull in a china shop - clumsy as a three legged chicken 
  • Useless as the tits on a bull - not much earthly good to anyone 
  • A waste of skin - see above

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  1. Rare as hen's teeth, thick as a brick, tough as old boots, crying over spilt milk, upsetting the apple cart and bulls in china shops are all quite common in England. The others I've not heard before.

  2. I am familiar with 13 of these. Some must be related to Ont. or fishing areas.

  3. I only familiar with a few of your quotes.
    My husband says these

    "worthless as tits on a boar hog"
    "a ring-tail tooter"
    "more wrinkles than a slop bucket"
    "she's windy-er than a bucket full of butt-holes"
    "colder than a well diggers belt buckle"
    "Uglier than a mud fence"

    It's early in the morning for me but I know I will be thinking of more all day. haha

  4. We said "cheese whiz" because we weren't allowed to say "gee" or "gee whiz"--those being euphemisms for Jesus. But Dad said "dag nabbit," and I'm thinking that sure sounds like a euphemsim for God dammit! Which, of course, he would have never said. :-) Then there was "jumpin' Jimmy Johnson"!

  5. Colder than a witches titty on the shady side of an iceberg. Must be a Minnesota thing:)
    It have not heard of these..
    You're the stuff to put around apple trees
    By the holy old white pine
    Dumb as a bag of hammers
    Lazy as a pet coon

    We also say God willin and the crick don't rise:)

  6. How about "Slicker than snot on a pigs ear"
    Definitly my favorite. And what about "flatter than a flitter cake"


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