Monday, December 19, 2011


I'm always fascinated by the alternative farming operations I see throughout the country.  One that caught my eye and my camera is an alpaca farm, just outside of Kemptville, Ontario.  I tried to get close enough to get some shots, without actually trespassing, but most of the prettier specimens tended to be the shrinking violets.  I had kind of intended to go and talk to the owners, but it hasn't happened yet.  Maybe I'll do that next summer and give my readers a more in-depth expose on Canadian alpaca ranching.  For now you'll have to settle for the few shots I did get.

If you type in their web address you will find quite a pleasant website advertising their products and lifestyle.  After checking it, I will definitely make it a must-see next spring, when the little ones are on the ground. 


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  1. There was an Alpaca fest at the county fair grounds last month. I did get to get up close to several in their pens. Docile animals and quite fluffy. There was all sorts of yarn in various stages of preparation for sale too. Didn't buy any because of the expense and not knowing how much to buy.

  2. a dog with a bag on its head?????

  3. So cute! The black and white face--definitely punk!

  4. I'd say you got some super shots without getting closer.

  5. I have heard good things about Alpacas..I would like to raise them and sheep and donkeys and goats..yes goat especially.. IF I ONLY HAD A FARM:)


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