Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Home Farm

There are a few places that I feel great nostlagia for.  One is the farm I grew up on in Parry Sound district.  This farm was originally owned by my maternal grandparents.  My parents purchased it shortly after the second world war, and actively farmed it until 1982, when they moved off the farm.  My brother currently lives all alone on the property and the only farming done, is renting it to a neighbour to take the hay crop off each year.

This is the oldest photo I  have of the farm.  This is my grandfather and uncle Sam standing out in the field to the east.  Note there are very few trees around the house at this point.  I often wonder why the settlers denuded their properties so entirely, but that seems to be the way all the old pictures of farms look. Uncle Sam looks to be a teenager.  He was born in 1924, so I would put this picture at mid Depression - late 1930's.

This is the next photo I have cronologically.  It is taken directly south of the farm house and is probably mid to late 1940's.

See the evergreen trees are getting larger around the house.  Based on the other photos I have of the same era, I would say this is mid to late 1950's.  The view is directly east of the house and barn, a little farther north than the first photo.

I am assuming this is taken the same day, only directly south of the house and barn.

This is a photo I took, mid 1970's.  It is northeast of the house (the barn would be to the south).  It was obviously taken in early spring, as the ploughed ground was our vegetable garden.

This is a photo taken in the mid 1970's.  As you can see it was more about the cows than the farm, but fortunately it has all the building in the background anyway.

A oil I did of the farm many years ago.

The Daily Quest

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Answer to Yesterday's Puzzle:  Freshman did not belong - if you look all the others contained a vegetable in them (Richard, Appease, Beetle, Cornucopia)

Today's Puzzle:

What is the subject of the above photo?
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  1. I've often wondered why old photos of homes had so little vegetation around them. I assumed it was because the trees were used for firewood and shrubbery was considered a luxury and for the wealthy only.

    My husband and I enjoy watching old movies in order to look back at what places looked like in those days. Just like old photographs they are a time capsule capturing times long gone.

  2. The farmhouse looks a lot like my grandparents' house. (Now I understand where you got your love of cattle.)

  3. Love all the old pictures. BTW, your oil painting is very well done.

  4. I always love to look at old photos and I loved these too. The painting looks excellent.

  5. Neat how you showed us the pictures and then sneaked in your painting. Nicely done all around.
    I posted recently about my childhood home being abandoned. Our family occupied the place starting in 1935. We still own it.

  6. It is great that you have good memories of your home place. Your painting is wonderful:)

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