Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Poem 2011

For the last twenty years, along with the handpainted Christmas cards, we've done a Christmas poem to enclose, telling the events of our year in rhyming form.  Some verses flow easily, others are just murder to get anything that doesn't sound completely corny or trite.  And then there is the idea of meter - I try, I really do, but I seem to change horses midstream every verse or two.

Anyway before I ramble on any more, here is the offering for 2011:

Christmas time is nearing
The year has gone so fast
The deadline soon approaches
How quickly time has passed

You see from the front of the card
That we’ve opted for tradition
With twenty years behind us
Now here is the latest edition

Youngest started the year in drama
As the harlot of Godspell
A role that stretched her ability
But she did it so very well

Madame Dubonnet in the Boyfriend
Head mistress, she’s cast this fall
Complete with French accent
Accomplished, poised and tall

Miss Schmoo took up fitness with gusto
Working out, running and such
And carefully watching her diet
She’s trimmed up so very much

For her senior year in school
She’s on cross country team
Playing trumpet in stage band
Giving it all--her new theme.

And the final accomplishment
She passed her G2 license
Another legal driver we have
Dad sits there all nervous and tense.

Eldest finished first year away at school
And returned to us tired and beat
But a couple months restored her back
Having her home, quite a treat

But back to school again this fall
With renewed determination, grit
A change of venue somewhat
And bound to make the most of it.

She’s rooming with four other girls
Off campus, but just by the gates
And she seems to like her studies
And living with her mates.

She also joined the fitness fest
Running many lengthy jogs
And biking with the rest of us
Through early morning fogs

Driver’s Ed was taken
Another member at the wheel
The only issue that I note
Is a rather heavy heel.

Another summer at Days Inn
Cleaning rooms and breakfast cook
Oh the tales that she comes home with
Fodder for a future book

Now on to the Mother of the clan
Who’s now a slender  thing
She walked her daily limit
And measured everything.

But she didn’t walk alone
We took up hiking as a team
And ten to fourteen K a day
No longer was a dream

Of course we’ve slackened off a bit
With school and shortened days
But we still try to get out
To catch a few sun’s rays

Mom also taught art camp again
At home and St. Lawrence College
Filling students up with experience
And lots of artistic knowledge.

After ten years in her home
Time for Grandma to relocate
Lombard Manor treats her well
And her meals are never late

Three family weddings of nieces
And a grand-nephew joined the crew
And rumour has it next year
There’ll be twins amongst us too.

We sold our rental house
And shucked some major stress
Tired of being landlords
And dealing with the mess

To Renaissance Fair we ventured
With friends went to the States
A most rewarding weekend
When we entered through the gates

 A new kitten joined our home
Wesley the polydactyl cat
He’s made for lots of fun and games
And is quickly getting fat

Joseph’s Amazing Dreamcoat
Was a venture the three of us took
And now that it’s behind us
We’ll have time to read a book

So that pretty much leaves me
To summarize what I’ve done
Supply taught most days here and there
And some were even fun.

I had a couple LTO’s
That stands for longer stints
And when they book Grade seven
I still can’t help but wince

I’ve taken power novel writing
A college class this fall
And quickly learned my writing talent
Is really rather small

But that hasn’t kept me from it
As I write a daily log
You can access themusicalgardener
Online is my writing blog

A fun and challenging venture
I write of gardening stuff
A little bit of history, music
And other bits of fluff.

As well I sing a bit
Melodia Monday as a bass
And a friend joins me once a week
And jams here at our place

Just after Christmas imagine it
The family plan to cruise
Off to the Caribbean West
And that is our big news

A week of sun and frolicking
Should put us in the mood
To rest, sightsee and snorkel
And eat a lot of food

So I hope this finds you well
And enjoying life’s small pleasures
Enjoy the Christmas season
With its many little treasures.

All the best in the New Year
May you be truly blessed
From our house here in Brockville
We wish the very best.


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  1. You are so clever and creative! That was a fun poem. I loved it. I would look forward to receiving something like that each year.

  2. Enjoyed your poem.I'm sure people will be happy to receive it. We quit the poem a few years ago because as you say it's a challenge.


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