Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting Poop

As mentioned yesterday, I went to pick up a load of manure a few miles away.  Fortunately it was a reasonably dry yard and I was able to back the truck right up to the pile.  Eldest and I forked the first load on by hand and then headed home.  Home was a little more difficult, because we had to wheelbarrow it to the garden, but with the two of us, it didn't take long to get it unloaded and head out for load number two.

One load, now multiply by four.

Number two (how appropriate) was uneventful.  Load number three was a little more challenging as I got the truck in too tight along side the pile, loaded it up and then went to pull away.  Unfortunately, the footing was a little softer and I found the wheels spinning down into mire.  I got out and took stock of the situation -- got the fork, dug a trench in front of the tires, so I was able to get the truck rocking back and forth.  Eventually the old girl pulled herself up onto drier footing and away we came.

Load number four was the easy one.  When we arrived, there was the jolly farmer with his new play toy, just begging to load the truck with his front end loader.  Not being one to disappoint, I let him toss four bucketfuls in the back of my truck - much easier than hand bombing.  A very friendly chap, he was most anxious to chat about his livestock.  I noted three horses and about eight yearling calves -- the creators of said poop.

So it is all unloaded on the garden, and what a difference it should make.  I would like one more load in a week or so, for the far end of the garden.  I will have to get permission to park in the neighbour's lane for that one though, as it is much handier than my driveway, to that end of the garden.

A pair of fashion plates!

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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