Friday, December 2, 2011

Granny And Grandpy

One hundred and thirty four years ago today, my grandfather entered the world.  His claim to fame is that he was the first white child born in Hagerman/Croft townships, part of Parry Sound district, which only opened up for settlement in the late 1870's. Grandpa was a farmer and lumberman.  He ran a sawmill for many years in the village of Dunchurch.  Of course this was long before my time.  What I remember of my grandfather is that he was a very deaf old man, and kind of crochetty to boot.  But then he really was an old man - he died at 97, and I would only recall him in his nineties.  Yes if you are doing the math, I'm the descendent of a couple looonnng generations.  Dad was 43 when I was born, and Grandpa was 42 when Dad arrived.

My Grandfather John Hosick 1877 - 1974

Granny Hosick - Mary (Minnie Cooper)
Granny and Grandpy at my parent's wedding in 1947
Grandpy fishing with a faithful companion.
Granny in later years.  Unfortunately I do not remember my grandmother, she died when I was three.  I think I vaguely remember something about her funeral.  What I do remember is that my sister inherited a little china dog from her and I wanted it!
50th anniversary - although this one is a bit of a mystery.  Family legend always said that Grandpa was at the huntcamp for their 50th, and either forgot or never bothered to come for the celebration.
The old folks at home.

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Three brothers share a family sport:
A non-stop marathon
The oldest one is fat and short
And trudges slowly on
The middle brother's tall and slim
And keeps a steady pace
The youngest runs just like the wind,
A-speeding through the race
"He's young in years, we let him run,"
The other brothers say
"'Cause though he's surely number one,
He's second, in a way."

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  1. Love all these family photos! Your grandparents looked like wonderful people.

  2. To be the first white person born in the area and to live right through to the computer age - what an incredible life. Wonder what we'll see if we live to 97.

  3. Looks like you'll be around for awhile with those genes. I enjoy seeing your old photos.

  4. Grandpy was a good looking man. Love all the photos and the story to go with them. Do you have any photos of the sawmill? Was your grandmother by any chance related in some way to Lillian Cooper Quinn Bell? And, whatever happened to the china dog? Questions, questions and more questions. :o)Sherry

  5. Nice old photos of nice old people - OK crotchety old people! Minnie Cooper (or at least Mini-Cooper) is a car here in England.

  6. Your grand parents were a very vigorous looking couple. My grandpa was born in 1864 and died in 1957. I was his first grandson born in 1939. I received his name as my middle name.
    Along space in the generations makes for some interesting speculation as to what did happen because the people didn't know each other well.

  7. Great old photos and history! Your Grampy has quite an expression on his face in the 50th Anniversary doubt Grandma scheduled him to be home the day of the celebration most likely before or after the real day. :)


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