Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Resolutions - How'd I Do?

I started the year off with four resolutions.

It's time to go back and see how I've done.

Resolution #1. First of all I am going to floss with more regularity. 

Yep, did really well on this one - I've flossed 365 times.  I even got out of bed a couple times, because I realized I'd forgotten.  Was my dentist impressed - I don't think he even noticed.

Resolution #2. I am going to blog. Yes I know I have only done this for five days, hardly a habit yet. I know I have far more time right now with the holiday season, so the entries will probably get a little shorter. So far I've written each day. I know when I return to teaching, the frequency will fall. But, I am going to at least try to write three or four times a week. We'll see.

Yep, did pretty well in this regard - I've blogged 365 times since my initial promise.  However, having accomplished this, I make no promises for 2012.

Resolution #3. I am going to relax more. Okay I have made it through one year without secure full-time employment – cut yourself some slack! We vow to shed one of our big stresses in 2011, a rental property (I'm sure more will follow on this topic as the year unfolds). I'm going to sleep more. For the past few years I've tended to view sleep as an unnecessary frill in life. 

Well I'm trying.  I've survived two years of day to day employment.  The wolf still has not got his foot in the door.  The rental house is sold - way less stress in life these days.  I'm not sure about the sleeping bit - I feel I've done really well if I make six hours.  If my alarm clock says anything later than 6:00 am, I consider it a real sleep in.

Resolution # 4. I am going to be more happy. Life is pretty good. Sure there are a few dips and valleys but on the whole I can't complain. I'd like to lose a few pounds, probably won't happen. I'd like more hair, ain't gonna happen ('cept on my back, and ears – why is that?). I'd like to do more musically, could happen if I push for opportunities and stop inventing excuses why I can't. I'm going to laugh more, not just sit and smile like a grinning garden gnome (does that count as alliteration?). Which means, I am going to have to force myself to be more of a participant and less of an observant wallflower. Good-bye comfort zone!

I'm also going to stop and smell the flowers, well maybe not literally. I plant, grow, split, manipulate, move, replant, replenish, refurbish and renovate so many plants in the course of a year, that I often forget to just simply sit and enjoy the process and the product. Okay, I've already contradicted my own resolutions. I am going to be less of a participant in the gardening process, and more of an observant wallflower to the flowers, but the opposite to everything else in life.
Okay, I think I've been reasonably successful here.  I certainly am a happier fellow than a year ago.  Less stress will have that effect.  As well the Missus and I have certainly got our fitness level up - we've discovered we have pretty decent endurance on the walking trails for a couple of old codgers.  I really did take time to stop and smell the flowers this past summer.  I found a new passion - photographing my yard and garden.  In so doing, it forced me to stop and look for the best shots, the right angle and lighting.  I'm so looking forward to this spring when last summer's efforts start to bear fruit.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I'll introduce my resolutions for 2012.

Happy New Year from the Musical Gardener.


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  1. Pleased to hear that you've done so well with your resolutions. I think the increased walking might be the key - decreases stress, gives you time to smell the flowers, costs nothing so doesn't encourage wolves to the door, helps you sleep and gives you something to write about and photograph. It will do nothing to impress the dentist and you'll still have hirsute lugholes - but who cares!

  2. You've done really well by your resolutions!!!
    I devoted myself to daily flossing about 20 years ago, and not only does it make my hygienist happy, it sure makes those dental cleanings go faster. :)

    Happy new year!

  3. Overall it sounds like a very good year. Happy New Year. Wishing the best in 2012.

  4. I admire your resolve to make resolutions and make them count.I don't make resolutions and I'd probably be useless in keeping them.
    Looking forward to your next resolutions.
    Happy New Year!


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