Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Orders for 2012

Well I've perused the seed catalogues and narrowed it down to two.  Here's what I'm looking at for my gardens in 2012.  The rest of my garden, I've either already got older seed, saved seed from 2011, or will be plants that I purchase in the spring.  But these are the items that are in my shopping cart on line from the two seed companies.  Come on spring!

Stokes Seeds

Chioggia Beets - I've grown these before, typical beet flavour, but unique colour.
Purple Haze Carrots - grown before, but great novelty and flavour
Bolero Carrot - great standby maincrop carrot.
Romanesco Veronica - one of our new favourite vegetables
Vitaeverde Cauliflower - bought some in the store this fall, and were impressed - first attempt at growing.
Oklahoma Mixed Zinnia - time to put zinnias back into the gardens as an annual