Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Monster In The Village

An update on my truck - she's all fixed up and it was nothing serious, just a pin came out in the linkage, but they had to take the whole steering column apart to fix it.  Thank goodness it was not the transmission -- that would have made for a merry Christmas, wouldn't it.

Wesley, or Wessers as he's affectionately become known round our home has discovered a new place to curl up for a nap.  I guess I shouldn't complain though if this is the worst havoc he wreaks on our Christmas season.


The Daily Quest

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Answer to Yesterday's Puzzle:  it's a human vertabrae

Today's Puzzle:
Who Does Not Belong?

Which sentence is unwelcome in the mix and why?

1) I'm a lasagna hog, go hang a salami.
2) I'll have none of your guff, young man out you go.
3) Ma is a madam, as I am.
4) Niagara, O roar again.

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And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. You were lucky with your truck! Wessers looks quite content to guard the Christmas Village..at least he is not lounging in your Christmas Tree:)

  2. Sometimes we get lucky with our vehicle problems. I had a similar problem a few years ago. Now the indicator needle doesn't move so I don't really know what gear I'm in?

  3. I see a Wesley quake in the future of your "breakable" village.


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