Tuesday, August 2, 2011

64 Years Ago

Sixty four years ago today, a young, vital, hopeful couple exchanged their marriage vows at the bride's family farm.  It was not a big showy affair, only the two immediate families and the minister and his wife were in attendance.  Country weddings of returned veterans were not celebrated in any grand manner.  Money was scarce in those early post-war days.

The happy couple

Note the streamers, probably the only effort at decoration.
Marriage certificate
Mom and her bridesmaid, Aunt Ruth
Dad, Mom, Aunt Ruth, Uncle Bert, the best man.
Mom's siblings and parents

Dad's siblings, parents and nieces and nephews.

Dad's siblings and parents.
Mom and Dad, the minister and his wife, Mr and Mrs Sam Taylor.

Mom bought a new pink wedding dress and veil, Dad a brown pinstripe suit that was his Sunday best for years to come.  There are no records of what was served for the wedding supper, although in all likelihood it would have been either beef, pork or chicken, raised on the farm.  There is a picture of a fairly impressive cake, no doubt homemade, decorated by some unknown baker.

Mom and the cake

For their honeymoon, the young couple traveled to a local campgrounds and rented a cabin.  The honeymoon probably was only a day or two in duration, as there was a milking herd of cattle awaiting their speedy return.

Honeymoon at Grey Owl Lodge

From 1947 to 1982, my parents farmed and lived on the farm where they became man and wife.  At this point they moved into the village, renovating the chapel, and former home of Dad's parents.  They celebrated 55 years of marriage together before Mom passed on in 2003.  Dad lived on his own another five years, until he entered a retirement home for the last few months of his life.

August second is a poignant date for me.  It is a day of memories of two wonderful people I am proud to call my parents.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. How wonderful that you have these photographic memories of their big day :)

  2. I really enjoyed your photos of your parents wedding day. Beautiful! Isn't it funny how today's younguns' think they need thousands of dollars for a huge wedding fanfare (usually trying to outdo their friends). And I look at your parents wedding and see all the smiling faces of people they love. That's what really matters.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  3. You are lucky to have such wonderful photos, and isn't that marriage certificate beautiful? I'm glad they had so many happy years together! Thanks for sharing these.


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