Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hand-painted Christmas Ornaments

Our tree is pretty much loaded with handmade Christmas ornaments, that we have collected over our married years.  Most years I get a hand-painted one from my Missus, and a couple of times I have even reciprocated.  However it does tend to be a pretty lopsided exchange.

Here are some of the ones that I've gotten over the years.

China ornament with acrylic painting.

2008 - our new home.

Tall bearded irises - china painting

Acrylic on porcelain

Gladiolus, acrylic on blown glass.
Youngest in acrylic - miniatures are so difficult.
One that the Missus has just completed for a friend.
This one, I painted for my Missus, of our beloved Tessie.


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  1. All lovely ornaments and how special when they're made by a loved one. Particularly like the gladiolus one - but then I'm partial to flowers.

  2. What talent you have in your family. Those are lovely ornaments.

    One year, 1991 to be exact, every time I used an egg I blew it out. I collected 5 dozen or more. Then daughters and I ages 10 and 5 painted them. None were of the caliber you have there but I still have them and hang them on a special tree. I share this by way of asking have you ever painted on an egg?

  3. They are all lovely and I am sure, evoke many memories of the past for you and your family.

  4. Awesome work since it is so small.

  5. Beautiful ornaments..I think the flower ones are my favorites..especially the Gladiolus..or Gladioli whatever:)

  6. These are beautiful, and what a great tradition.

    And not just a miniature, but a miniature on a curved surface. It's great.


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