Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Favourite Christmas Albums

Imagine this, the Musical Gardener is going to post two days in a row on musical themes.  Don't get me wrong, its not that music isn't a huge part of my life, it just isn't an easy venue to blog, as far as I'm concerned.  Since I label myself the Musical Gardener, I need to rectify this some way, just not sure how.

Anyway, today's topic is my favourite Christmas albums.  Over the years we've collected (and discarded) quite a few.  Some performers think they have a surefire winner with a Christmas album, and some just surprisingly flop.

Here are my top ten and in no particular order.  Some are old, not likely available anymore (mostly from my childhood).  Some are relatively new - however I grow increasingly picky with new stuff.

Definitely a must have - have seen him in concert, most impressive.
An eclectic album from the lead singer of YES - an oldie but a goldie.
Another one I've seen in concert - an amazing composer and arranger.
Ooh la la, need I say more, every track is pure gold.
Haven't seen her, but have been through her museum - a nostalgic favourite of my fathers.
Another piece of Canadiana - have been in her tearoom.
Had this album in my childhood, would love to replace it.
Another classic - this was back when she was still talented.
Probably a relative unknown to most - we played this one over and over when we were painting our wedding invitations.
You just can't go wrong with anything Amy Grant, ask Vince Gill.
Did you notice my top ten has 11 - how could you not include this gem.
So from mid November on you can guarantee that my CD player has three Christmas discs in it.  I'm sure just as soon as I've published this I'm going to say, oh what about ...... how could I forget that one.

Now if I could have three Christmas albums that have never existed to my knowledge but that should have, I'd like ABBA, Chicago and Eva Cassidy to have recorded some yuletide favourites.  But I'll have to content myself with the ones that I do have.


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  1. Quite an assortment and what .. no Bing Crosby?

  2. Hey, thanks for sharing these. There are a couple that I will share with my wife and we probably will have to go to Barnes and Noble and buy them. Great choices.

  3. I am familiar with most of them and agree with your choices.

  4. I have the Josh Groban and Ann Murray Christmas albums and love them. Ann has retired from singing.

  5. Well, I'm with you on half of these. The rest I'm not familiar with so it gives me something to go after.

  6. Bob Dylan had a Christmas Album out last year..I could hardly believe it.
    I bet I would enjoy The Carpenters.:)


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