Thursday, December 29, 2011

Favourite Gardening Photos, 2011

Reviewing back through the year, I came up with what I feel are my best gardening photos.  I am not a photographer and I just have a cheap little point and shoot.  What I do have are the most wonderful subjects.  I know none would win awards anywhere, but they all make me happy - which was the original concept behind this blog.

#1 - My gardening shed through the crab tree.

#2 Bees Knees Clematis

#3 Bulrushes in the Swamp
#4 - Heavenly Blues

#5  The old scuffler handle amid Solomon's Seal
#6 Clematis Closeup
#7  Bottle Gentians
#8 Garden Starfish - Castor Bean Leaves
#9  Late Bloomer - Iris in October
#10  Seasons Greetings
What I would appreciate would be if you would select your top three choices.  I will probably post the ones with the most votes on my template page.


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I'm not really a career person.
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  1. For what it's worth - #1,#4,#3 would be my first three choices but I wouldn't really disagree strongly with your order, except that #10 must rate higher than that. Great pics.

  2. Nice to see this pics when it's so cold and snowy outside!

  3. Numbers 1, 4, and 8 are my favorites; thanks for re-sharing. Also, there may be some bulrushes in Number 3, but the dominant plants with the thick, furry seed heads are cattails, not bulrushes.

  4. Those are all lovely. #1,3, & 8 are my top picks. I think you did an amazing job photographing them.

  5. For just a"little point and shooter" you've got some awesome photos. Obviously you have a close up mode. Well done. keep up the good work.


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