Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Cards

The missus and I started a silly little tradition the year we were married.  We painted our own personal Christmas cards to mail out to friends and family.  And then as if that wasn't enough effort, we started writing a long poem, detailing the events that occurred to us throughout the year.

Silly, silly, silly!  What were we thinking?  That first year it was probably only a few dozen cards.  Over the years our list has grown to about 80 recipients.  So now you know what the Musical Gardener and his Missus do in their spare moments in the month of November. What were we thinking?

The first edition

Spray paint, negative stencil and watercolour

B/W photocopies, slapdash watercolour - not our finest!

The first one to incorporate photos into the painting.
Coloured pencil

Last year on the farm
First year, new house 2008
This years cover - a compilation
No it is not an actual painting this year. 2011 ready to envelope and mail.


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  1. Those are wonderful Christmas cards. Lots of memories. The recipients must have been very pleased to receive them. They are treasures to hold on to for years.

  2. Wow, your cards are beautiful!! I love it when people make their own Christmas cards. I make mine, but they are more humourous than works of art like yours. What a fantastic collection.

  3. Thanks for the plug to my blog even though I've been reading you for awhile.

    What a neat tradition to have. I'm sure people have held on to your cards through the years since they are such works of art.

  4. What a great tradition for you and your wife to do together. You two made some great cards! I love to send unique cards and handmade gifts at Christmas too! Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. It is a wonderful thing that you have done all those years. I like the review of the past card and next year you can gear up for all the hand painted ones again. I really like them and appreciate all the effort you two did for you friends and family.

  6. My favorites have been the poinsettia and the chickadee!

  7. From time to time I've made birthday or Christmas cards for my mother. I'd forgotten all about them but found them all safely stowed away earlier this year. Your cards are lovely.

  8. Absolutely beautiful cards. I'm sure your family and friends treasure them, and appreciate all the thought and creativity that went into them.

  9. If I got one of these cards it would be a keeper. Well done! I think you would gain a lot from this activity.
    My wife did the poem for awhile. Now I do an email Christmas letter that can be printed for non email people.

  10. What a great collection of of a kind! :)

  11. Why is this silly--except for the fact that it may consume your lives from November through Christmas? I think they're great. My father paints watercolor cards and sends them to his kids and closest friends, but he only has to prepare about a dozen.


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