Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tin Lizzie, the Third

Do I expect too much from my beast of burden, my faithful old Dodge Dakota?  Well apparently last night she thought so.
I don't expect that much, just a few bags of leaves..

And I treat her with the greatest of respect (yep that's fresh poop)

It was our annual Christmas gala at the Arts Centre last night.  All the musical who's who, of our fair city were out, attired in their Christmas elegantry, performing their finest.  I was there, accompanying my friend Murray, on the piano.  As well I got rooked into singing in the grand finale - White Christmas.  We had a huge massed choir, with a full orchestra accompanying - quite an impressive deal.  So laden with a wonderful sense of accomplishment, dripping good cheer, I strode out to my truck to drive home.

Oh and before I forget, the Missus and I did a nine kilometer walk in the morning - from home to the local Tim Hortons establishment, for our bagel and orange juice (it's a bit of a tradition, don't question it).

When I parked my truck at the beginning of the evening, there was kind of a clunk, as I put it in park, but I really thought nothing more of it.  That is until I started the old girl up at 10:15 pm, and she flatly refused to shift into drive --the ominisity of that clunk suddenly became apparent.  Any thinking human, would have walked back to the Arts Center to see if there was anyone left going my direction.  Not the Musical Gardener.  I decided it was time for an adventure, translate into "let's hoofer for home". 

The Missus was home, snug in bed, so I determined I would walk to the Walmart and see if I could call from there.  I got to Walmart, and it seemed a shame to drag someone out of bed, just to come and get me for the sake of another four kilometers.  So home I trudged, frost collecting in prodigious icicles on my mustache and goatee.  I figure 17 k is not a bad day for an old geezer, especially since the last eight were in suit and dress shoes (again no cause for alarm, heavy overcoat, gloves and toque -- in in varying night shades on a darkened road - I was the perfect target for a hit and run).  Only saving grace was that all the sensible drivers were home asleep in their beds by that hour, and the taxies ferrying inebriated, Christmas revelers home, seemed to veer carefully around me - no doubt thinking that I should have flagging them down in my obvious soused state.

One never knows what their day may bring.  Today I'm planning on not walking as much.  Now to get a tow truck and determine how I've offended my trusty mode of transport.


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Who Said It?

Do you want to feel insecure?  Count the number of Christmas cards you sent out and then count those you've received.
a) Dave Berry
b) Johnny Carson
c) Jay Leno
d) Milton Berle

I chose that quote because, we sent 80, have got 23 back and 5 of those were from folks we did not send to - what to do, what to do?!

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  1. A burial may be in order, but thankfully, it's not you! Don't you have AAA road service there in the tundra? Oh, oh! I've adopted said sarcasm of Yankee hubby!

  2. And speaking of names!

    Why is it men call their trucks female names? Dad did, too. I think I'm thinking of getting a bit offended.

  3. Oh! No fun to be stranded. Good thing it was walkable.

  4. You're a very independent fellow! It does us good to walk and more people should do it.

  5. I had a vehicle that clunked one time..but I only lost I had to be careful where I parked. Good Luck..I hope it doesn't cost an arm and two legs to get fixed:)


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