Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa, Are You Listening?

I toyed briefly with the idea of going and getting my Kindergarten specialist credentials this fall, because it is being touted as one of the few entrance ways into a teaching contract, with full-day, every-day Kindergarten becoming a reality in the fall of 2012.

Yesterday I was booked for a full day Kindergarten.  The teacher forewarned me the last day I was at this school, that the class 'could be a bit challenging.'  Well that was a bit like saying Hitler could be a little aggressive.  Wow!  I came home deadbeat.  They spun in circles, screamed loudly,  fought over glue sticks, and listened to nothing.  Well maybe that is a bit harsh -- they actually did listen to story time reasonably well, although 'criss-cross applesauce' meant stretched out flat, kicking your neighbour.

I tried singing with the little darlings, that lasted for one song and then the minds and fingers started drifting -- and you know where five year old boy's fingers drift -- I don't have to draw a picture do I?

For a brief moment allow your mind to imagine Julie Andrews singing My Favourite Things, but change the lyrics slightly, Musical Gardener style.

Snotdrops on noses, snow suits not quite fittens
Grubby we paws tucked in wet woolen mittens
Mittens that dangle attached to yarn strings
Are not on the list of my favorite things
Cheese stringy packages, shmushed fruit cut in cubes
Goldfish crackers, yoghurt squished from long tubes
These are the lunches that each small child brings
And then try to argue 'but they're healthy things'

When a child pees
And there's head fleas
When I'm getting mad
I simply remember, I'm just a supply
And then I don't feel so bad
(My apologies to whomever wrote the original lyrics


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Mix & Match

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d) Babbo Natale                              4) Greek

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  1. I had gr. ones in a one room school . I look back on them as one of the highlights of my career. They were awesome to teach even though I couldn't sing!.

  2. Oh my what a day you had. It reminds me of sixth graders and freshman in high school. You will have to think that over about the Kindergarten certificate.
    I have a cousin guy who has taught first grade for all his years but it was on a military base in Arizona. Maybe you could sell you song for a lot of money and forget working. Take care. I do feel you pain.

  3. Ha, funny! I see it as your calliung. Think of all the amunition for writing!

  4. I was thinking that too..great blog fodder. I do know of a teacher that got in trouble because she blogged about her days at school.
    Your song was/is awesome:)

  5. Oh, my! What a great song. The little darlings, right? I guess that explains why there isn't a surplus of kindergarten teachers.

  6. Okay so what's your plan B for getting a contract?


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