Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

to all my readers.

It's probably going to be a fairly low key event here in our home, as we had our big celebration a month ago with the Missus' family.  We got eldest home from university on Thursday night - and apparently blondes do have more fun, based on the activity around the house the past two days - her transformation will probably be a blog in days to come.  She had kind of forewarned me early by phone that she had undergone a slight transformation - I'm not sure any of us were entirely prepared for the glamour queen that stepped off the train.

My two brothers, nephew and his wife arrived on Friday evening.  We spent a pleasant evening and morning together yesterday.  We all went for a tramp through the woods, trailing our cameras to enjoy the winter wonderland.  Then my eldest brother, niece and nephew left to go to their place.

So for Christmas day, there is just my middle brother and the four of us.  We aren't going to try to outdo Martha Stewart, and the gifts under the tree are slim this year - our big gift to ourselves arrives on Thursday, when we fly out to the sunny south for our Caribbean cruise - can't wait. Although I must say I am looking forward to the next few days of just relaxing at home, now that my family is back intact, and school is out for two weeks.

Last night the Missus and I sang in two Christmas Eve services at our church.  Wonderful way to usher in the Christmas holidays.
So from our house to yours, have a blessed, safe, happy time with family and friends from the Musical Gardener, The Missus, The Eldest and The Youngest.


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  1. Have a wonderful day together, and WOW! Have a fantastic cruise!!!

  2. Merry Christmas..oh I am envious of the cruise..take lots of photos! :)


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