Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The First Winner & More Artwork - Landscapes and Such

Last day of November that means it is time for the first draw in my

If we could have a drum roll please (yes I'm sure if I were more tech savvy, there is a emoticon or thing-a-ma-bob, out that that I could tack on that would do it).

And the winner of the Christmas CD is ...........

as we
the win-
ning draw
and my con-
gratulations goes
out to none other than
-- wait for it --
the one and

RED  at  Hiawatha House   

Remember that the November and December draws are random, but the final draw for the commissioned painting is based on cumulative points.

Of course RED  at  Hiawatha House  had his name in the draw several times, which increased his chances.  RED is a very generous commenter if you go back over my blogs.  Please take the time to check out his blog.

So RED if you can contact me with your snailmail address at the following email, I'll get the package in the mail ASAP.


Today I thought I would share some of my landscape style paintings.  In my youth I did a lot of commission work in this regard, but unfortunately didn't photograph most.  These are the few examples that I either still have or did actually photograph.

This was a joint effort commission between the Missus and me.  She did the house and background, I did the truck.
My first real oil painting - Grade 13, 1980
Oil - this is one I've kept - it was a large project, painting all those little blocks of wood.  And I like it!
Quick watercolour.

The Daily Quest

This is a new daily feature on The Musical Gardener blog. Below is a question, or puzzle that will change day by day. Do not use the comment section of the blog for your answer.

Answer to Yesterday's Puzzle: a) 2, b)  3, c) 4, d) 1

Today's Puzzle:
Word Morphs
Can you change hate into love in four steps (one letter at a time, all must be common words)?

a) H A T E
b) _ _ _ _
c) _ _ _ _
d) _ _ _ _
 e) L O V E

Please respond with your answer to the email below. I apologize but you will have to type my email address in manually (I'm attempting to avoid spammers).
Don't forget my Musical Gardener Contest  You still have December's draw, and the final prize in January.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.


  1. Nice collection of paintings. You really captured the colour of the snow in the winter scene. Makes me chilly just looking at it.

  2. Very nice paintings. I'm going to keep myself in the running.

  3. Aw. Just re-read your rules and there's no hope. I realized I hadn't signed up as a follower until yesterday. How did I miss that? And I didn't give you a shameless plug. Sorry. And now that I've taken a hiatus from posting on my blog can't do it.

  4. Your paintings are wonderful. I dabble with oils, so I appreciate how difficult it is to make tree branches look that realistic. Great job! (And I love that truck!)

  5. Way to go Red! I read Red too..he is a way cool dude:)

  6. Forgot to say that you are a wonderful painter! :)

  7. Thanks Musial Gardener for drawing my name in the contest. It was a total surprise as I had completely forgotten about any contest. I just scroll to the post.I certainly enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.
    You have knock out paintings! I'm impressed.
    Far Side of Fifty has an awesome blog. I read it every post.

    Thanks again. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. I used to paint (or tried my best), and really miss it. It is on my list as a future endeavor.

    Lovely painting MG. Congratulations Red.


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