Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Original Thumbnails

Today is a busy, busy day in our household.  We host what is known as Crozier Christmas.  The Missus' family all gather here for the day, and we celebrate Christmas a month early.  Several of the clan come from the USA, and the weather is often dicey coming that far in late December, so many moons ago it was decided that the family gathering would occur on the American Thanksgiving weekend, thus freeing each family up to celebrate actual Christmas day with the outlaw side of the their families.

So today will see 26 people gather, eat, make a lot of noise, eat, play some games and probably eat some more. And then there will be the dishes and cleanup detail afterward - I know what I'm going to be doing most of the next 16 hours or so.


Several years ago, I received a packet of coloured photocopies of long distance relatives from someone I had neither met or corresponded with.  However, they graciously took it upon themselves to bequeath their albums to me, albeit in a copied format.  For that I am very grateful.

One particular page caught my attention, as it is a collage of tiny portraits, all stuck on one page.  Unfortunately only a very few are identified.  As I looked at it, it hit me, I'm looking at the earliest attempts at thumbnails. Enjoy.

The Daily Quest

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Answer to Yesterday's Puzzle:  Marigold

Today's Puzzle:

What is this picture a silhouette of? (you may have to turn your head a bit)

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And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. Have a Happy Day! I am tired of doing dishes for three days now. I enjoyed your thumbnails..quite a interesting group:)

  2. Well, Merry Christmas to you and all you "outlaws." Part of my family does the same thing as Grandma and Grandpa spend the winter in Arizona.


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