Monday, November 28, 2011

First Christmas Concert Of The Season

To top off a busy weekend, my choir, Melodia Monday performed in a combined concert last night at the Caintown Presbyterian church, with the Caintown Ladies Choir and guests.

The Caintown Ladies
It was a very pleasant evening, and the first time we have performed most of the material we have been preparing all fall.  It was a rough rehearsal prior to the concert, but most of the bugs seemed to have fled by the time we performed before a full house.  And of course as with any good church gathering of this nature, there was a bountiful table of goodies in their fellowship hall, once the concert came to a close.

All in all, a very pleasant way to commence the holiday season.

Melodia Monday

Choir Master Doug putting us through our paces.

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  1. Just rejoined the choir myself for Christmas. I sing tenor with the men. My husband is a bass. I go to the rehearsals and he comes on Sunday morning to the rehearsal beforehand and then sings with us. He's a music major (tuba) and now sings with a barbershop quartet. He helps me with my part.

    Maybe when Sarah comes home she will want to sing with the choir so I'll have company on Monday nights for rehearsals.

    Was your performance well attended?

  2. It looks like it would be a great choir to hear.


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