Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Uncles Who Served

 Three of my uncles served in the military.  Two of them were in World War II, and a third did a stint as an army cook during the 50's.  

The first is Uncle Bert, who was one of Mom's older brothers.  Unfortunately I know nothing about what action he saw, or what troop he belonged to.  All I have are a few photos of him in uniform.  I do believe that he did go overseas though.


 I'm not at all sure where the above photo was taken, whether it was on Canadian soil in a training camp, or if these were actual combat vehicles in Europe. Those do look like Canadian white pines behind, but they could well be abroad.

The photo below is an interesting one to me.  It is of my father and Uncle Bert, who would eventually become Dad's brother-in-law.  Dad and Mom had not started dating before the war, so the fact that the two of them ended up being photographed together in uniform seems a little odd.  I don't think the families were friends at that point, although they did come from the same general area.

Whatever Bert's involvement in the war, he came home, relatively unscathed, but then died in a train crash several years later.


Above is Dad's youngest brother Ray.  Uncle Ray enlisted at the age of twenty.  He never saw actual combat though, because he died during basic training in Toronto, from Scarlet Fever, at 20.  He is buried in Fairholme Cemetery with his parents.  I often wonder if my life would have been different if Uncle Ray had lived.  For one thing I probably would have had cousins my own age (all my cousins are considerably older than me).  He also looks like he was a jolly sort of chap.

This is Ray on the right, with a neighbour, who must have enlisted at the same time.

 Above is my third uncle, Mom's youngest brother, who joined the army after World War II.  I do not know when he joined or how long he served, but he would only have been 15 at the end of the war.  I assume this picture was taken in the 50's.  He served as an army cook.

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  1. Is this post in honor of Veterans Day tomorrow? Or is the Canadian one on another day?

    My dad served as an Army chaplain in the South Pacific near the end of the war. He went on to get advanced degrees using the GI bill. We all then went back to the Pacific in 52 when my parents signed up to be missionaries to the Philippines.

  2. These are stories that are important to keep. I hope that they will be kept after you are finished with them.

  3. I enjoyed your old photos! Too bad some of the history is gone..but at least your photos are marked for future generations:)


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