Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Garlic Update

This was Canadian Thanksgiving holiday Monday, Oct 10th.

This was this past Monday.  I'm not sure I like to see garlic up like this, this late in the fall, but up it is, so we will have to see how it survives the winter.  I noted a tulip, just peaking through the ground too, while I was clearing hosta leaves away - not sure what that means.  I've seen daffodils poking up in a January thaw, but never a spring bulb in November.

The Daily Quest

This is a new daily feature on The Musical Gardener blog. Below is a question, or puzzle that will change day by day. Do not use the comment section of the blog for your answer.

Answer to Yesterday's Puzzle: LEAF, LEAD, DEAD, DEED, DIED, DIET, DIRT

Today's Puzzle:

Speling Diktashun
Which is the correct spelling?

a) recessitate
b) resucitate
c) resuscitate
d) resusitate

Please respond with your answer to the email below. I apologize but you will have to type my email address in manually (I'm attempting to avoid spammers).
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And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. I am missing those Heavenly Blue Morning Glories that used to be in your header:)

  2. I'm hoping that for a change, my slothfulness in garlic planting will pay off!! I have had garlic sprout in fall in the past and survive, so I hope yours will be okay. Nice snowy weather this morning!

  3. Weird. My garlic comes in a mesh bag. It must be a CA thing. :-)


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