Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Garden Yield - A Winter's Grub

I've never really shown much of the harvest that we have put away for the winter from our garden.  So here are a few shots.  The wolf should not be able to get a toehold in the door this winter.  Looks like some mighty fine eating this winter. I was very pleased with the yield, and we will try a few new things next year as well.

Sweetie Tomatoes
Ghost cherry tomatoes

Brandywine tomato

The carrots are monstrous, but still very sweet. The yellows are kind of a nice contrast.
All Red's dug and laid out to dry.

The winter's potatoes in storage.
I must confess, I did not grow these - these are from a client's flower boxes - they are tubers off the very decorative sweet potato vines.  BTW they are absolutely delicious - yes three of us lived through the taste test.

The Daily Quest

This is a new daily feature on The Musical Gardener blog. Below is a question, or puzzle that will change day by day. Do not use the comment section of the blog for your answer.

Answer to Yesterday's Puzzle:  Rudyard Kipling

Today's Puzzle:

Which of the following is a cruciferous vegetable?

         a) Brassica - cabbage

        b) Armoracia - horseradish
        c) Raphanus - radish
        d) Cucurbita - pumpkin

Please respond with your answer to the email below. I apologize but you will have to type my email address in manually (I'm attempting to avoid spammers).
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And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. MG -you should link this post to Robin's Gardener of Eden Thursday posting. There's a link to it on my blog for today. Yours would fit right in.

  2. I really like your new header. The morning glories look grand. I wouldn't know your answer to you question but I am really impressed with all that food you grew yourself. We grew potatoes, large quantities as a kid to feed four hungry boys. They lasted all winter.

  3. I've never thought of growing sweet potatoes. So I'll try them next year. I'll have to find a garden center that sells them.

  4. New follower! I must say my dear musical gardener friend, YOU have not taken up nearly enough of my time! The photos captivated me with inspiration! I'm a writer and always looking for just that! I could seriously feel the dirt under my fingernails as I looked at the veggies! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll be back! (Not a musical, but Arnie sure put on a good show.)


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