Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dutch Iris, Yet Another Species To Collect

Welcome to my two newest followers (A Brit in Tenessee & Jamie Brook Thompson) - yesterday was a banner day for the Musical Gardener - lots of chocolate and brie.

I've had this particular blog on the go for a few months, and like a participle, left it kind of dangling.  But finally the time has come to bring it to light (read that as, I haven't much else gardening-related to share these days).

Those who have been faithful followers of my blog, know that I am a bit of an iris fan...atic (you got it right?).  Last fall I planted a bag of Dutch Iris bulbs that I bought cheaply at the end of the season.  I have to admit I kind of forgot about them, until one day late in June, I was out poking around in the flower bed, and look what I located.

Sorry it's a night shot, but the next day it was ragged.
This one appeared a couple of days later.
Then this yellow/brown one, joined it.
And finally this one.
I was most impressed.  Problem was that I only had four blossoms from about 50 bulbs.

Dutch iris are different than other iris varieties, in that, while the flower resembles the form of the other varieties, they come as a bulb, similar to a tulip, unlike the others which all derive from rough, knobby looking rhizomes.

So this fall I decided I wouldn't wait until the end of the season, to buy the scraps.  I went out and paid full price (I know, I gasp now too, to say nothing of blushing with the shame of it all) and got a new bag.  Last Saturday, I finally got around to getting them and the last of the parrot tulips in for the year - yippee, fall bulbs all in (well unless I happen onto a irresistible sale again).

Here's what my beds should look like, next June - can't wait.

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  1. I can tell why you like Dutch iris. They're fabulous. So next year are the apt to bloom more?

  2. Another blog I like also has an iris post today:

    Irises down under!
    Yours are beautiful.


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