Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Workshop For Kids

Each summer the Missus and I run art camps for kids.  For a few years now, she has also added a Christmas workshop day in November.  Yesterday was the day.   Twelve eager little faces showed up at our doorstep at 9:00, and thus began the whirlwind.

Snack break from painting.
The Missus is most creative in designing these session and I play the role of keeping the train from completely derailing (cleanup, kitchen detail, cleanup,outdoor activities, cleanup, crowd control and did I mention cleanup?).  She had three projects for the day, a painting/decoupage, Christmas cookie wreath (sorry I don't seem to have any photographic evidence of this one), and a baking jar (think sand art).

Since it is a five hour session, we provide healthy snacks and a spaghetti dinner. Yours truly successfully burned the spaghetti (how does one do that standing right there?).   Oh well, kids seemed to be able to choke it down quite heartily anyway.

Team cheer.

Tableau of a Christmas Tree
Tableau of a One Horse Open Sleigh
Mid day I took the little artists out for a sports break.  We played a rousing game of Pizza (well it was renamed Fruitcake to fit the season) and then some tableaus.  As well I break them into teams, and they have to come up with a name and a cheer.  In the summer this can become quite involved throughout the week, but since yesterday was a one time event, it was a bit simpler affair.

The painting/decoupage project partially done (imagine glitter and bows as well)

Spaghetti lunch and gossip session!

Sand Art Brownie jars, decorated and ready to gift.

Chinese auction round the mini tree.

To end the day off, the Missus had a Chinese auction of Christmas presents.  There was some fast furious stealing and trading, but I think everyone ended up with something they liked.  And before you knew it, there were the parents at the door, waiting to trundle kiddies and projects home.  All in all it was another very successful venture.  The children have a keepsake wallhanging, a culinary gift to give to Grandma, and a cookie wreath to eat when they got home (which I'm certain they did).  Oh yes, and they also had a lot a fun and hopefully a few happy memories to take with them.

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  1. What a wonderful thing to do. You and the Mrs. are good people.

    Love Chinese auctions. That is how my family exchanges presents. There is lots of laughter and great fun.

  2. That was a wonderful thing you two do for those kids. They really like organize art activities when it is fun and the food was good too. Great Coaching job on your part.

  3. You guys have way too much energy! And I'm sure the kids appreciate it!

  4. I'm thinking that a Chinese auction is like a Yankee gift swap? Never heard of it and I have a daughter in China.


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