Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crozier Christmas

Ducks all in a row - the valet did a great job.
Twenty six people eat a lot of food and dirty a lot of dishes. Twenty four adults and two babies can make quite a bit of noise.  Even in a big house, twenty six people make quite a crowd.  Twenty six family members can have a good old time together.

The newest outlaw in attendance, making his presence known.
The stockings all hung in a row (or something like that)
One sister-in-law without her V8.
Little un at the piano with Grandma.
Early snacks, already half eaten.
Sorry missed getting the food set up buffet style.
A new tradition, that is a definite keeper - carrot cake with green cream cheese icing and the maker thereof. No leftovers, darn!
The old folks at home.
Just a couple of the games that saw action.
Sipping tea and talking of old times.
The tree and gift bags before Santa's arrival.
Santa in shorts and a chimney hat.
Santa relaxin' after a hard night's work.
Fortunately the whole affair is well orchestrated by the sisters ahead of time.  Each family brings a predetermined portion of the meal.  As the gardener, my contribution was the cooked veggies.  Yes I went out and dug fresh beets and carrots from the garden in the morning.  The potatoes and onions came from the cold room.

And then it was time for gifts round the tree.  We've tackled this in a variety of ways in the past (family exchanges, Chinese auctions, donations to food banks etc).  This year, the sisters set up a bag for each attendee and each person or family was to bring a small item for each person, and drop it into the bag.  Some folks were quite creative - some unique homemade items.

After supper and gifts we all crowded into the music room and had a round of Christmas carols.  Yours truly accompanied.  I really must figure out my little digital recorder, although I'm sure it would not do the renditions justice.

So as you can see it was a pretty fun day, lots of activity, lots of chatter, lots of food, friends, family and fellowship.

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  1. That's right. Your Thanksgiving was a month earlier. What a nice tradition to gather one month early for Christmas.

    There were 30 at my sister's home on Thursday ranging in age from my mom at almost 93 to my youngest great nephew at 1 year. And that wasn't all the relatives. If every one had come it would have been over 50 people.

  2. 26 people, wow! I had 16 over at my house for Thanksgiving and it was crowded, loud, and wonderful.

    What a nice family tradition you all have!

  3. Excuse me! Your missing a couple of old folks! :-) Looks like a fine time.

  4. What a great day! THe hot tub would have been my favourite part.


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