Monday, September 12, 2011

A First For Yours Truly

I've seen the signs all my life, but I have never seen the architect behind the job, so to speak(chips on the ground and those huge hollowed out holes in dead trees).  Well, I can't say that anymore.

I am not an active birder, but I do have a great interest in the local avian life.  While we were constructing the deck out at the cottage something caught my attention out the corner of my eye.  A large bird was flitting from tree to tree, and it was the flash of red that caught my attention - a pileated woodpecker.  I was surprised at how large a bird, he was in real life.  I think from the pictures I have seen, I was expecting something slightly larger than a downy woodpecker.

He was quite the flirt.  I assumed because I had never seen one that it would be a momentary glimpse when and if it did happen. But no, this chappy stayed visible long enough for me to find the camera, remember how to telephoto in and actually snap a few very grainy poses.   No they are not noteworthy shots, not even blogworthy, but they have value to me, it's a first for me.

Okay, I know they are not great, so here is an good internet photo, just so you can really see what they look like.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. I hear then all the time in the woods at the end of property, however, I have only seen them a few times. It really is quite a thrill, isn't it.

  2. I also get the occasional glimpse of them here in MD. More often though I hear their woody woodpecker laugh or the loud drumming as they make their nesting holes. They are quite shy and I'm not very successful either capturing them on the camera.

  3. I love Pileated woodpeckers! I remember the first time I saw one. They are shockingly huge! Glad you got some pictures. :)


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