Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Flowers

I hate to think it but we are approaching the end of the gardening season.  However, hopefully we are a few days off frost yet.

Three kidney beds, plus the red maple tree.

The place is a tad pink right now - need to change the pallet somewhat next year.
Perennial Chrysanthemum
Caster Bean and Tidal Wave Petunias.  Usually my beans are like small trees, but this is the best specimen I have this year - too late putting them in last spring.
Variagated Stonecrop Sedum  - flowers are not much, but leaves are great.

More stonecrop sedum.

Stonecrop with impressive flowers.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.


  1. I've already had two frosts, wah.
    My honeybees would love your sedum. They are just covering the ones in our garden!

  2. Your garden still looks perfect.

    We should have another three weeks or maybe four before fronst, however, this constant rain is testing the hardiness of my plants. I might start composting a few of them next week.


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