Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coleus - Wonderful Colours Without Flowers

First of all, I noted on my sidewall, I have reached the magical number of twenty followers - thank you Ghislaine.  Ghislaine is one of the members of the Friendly Gardening Club that I wrote about earlier this week and a dedicated hosta enthusiast.   Also thank you to my other recent new followers - I appreciate everyone taking the time to join my humble blog and especially those who write comments.  I know I've often said I am blogging for my own satisfaction, but part of that satisfaction is derived from receiving validation and encouragement from my readers.

We haven't had our first frost here in my neck of the woods yet (eastern Ontario), but I'm certain we are within days of the occurrence of that particular event.  I thought I had better snap a few shots of one of the favourite unsung heroes in my garden, because they will, as soft succulents, be the first to fall before Jack Frost's chilly sword.

Coleus are a most attractive and colourful plant, from the moment you plant in the spring until frost withers them.  "You've come a long way baby", might be an apt slogan for coleus.  Obviously plant breeders have worked diligently to improve the colour range, leaf shape and size - look at some of the huge specimens, like Black Dragon for instance that can now dominate a gardening landscape.  I also like the way they will cascade in barrels etc.  I am thinking I may even try a few in hanging baskets next year (although I wonder how they would survive a temporary drought of a day or two which sometimes happens with my long-suffering wave petunias.)

The above plant is not a coleus as such, but obviously is in the same family as it has much the same habits.  It was actually in a small basket, that I got free at the end of the season last year.  I took cuttings and was able to save it over winter.  My plans are to try the same thing again this fall - best get out and get it done shortly though and thus will start a new phase of gardening - indoors and under lights for the winter.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. There are so many choices with Coleus and every year I have trouble picking out the ones I want to plant. Gorgeous plants andthey provide so much color to a garden. Great as a background, especially.

  2. Beautiful! I just harvested my sprouts. Does that make me a true gardener? :-)

  3. Coleus can be a great plant for here in Iowa but then just one hot, dry spell and they are gone. Not of enough shade will keep it when the temperatures go up. Yours are so wonderful and I do agree they have really bred some great varieties.

  4. You're coleus are great. I always plant coleus somewhere, the limiting factor being my budget. So many wonderful colours and leave shapes.


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