Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's a bit of a funny season.  I've had a few unusual occurrences in the garden in the past couple of weeks.  A week or so ago, I noted one of my clematises had a new bloom on it - six weeks after the last blossoms had faded and fallen.  Unfortunately I didn't think to take a photo, but then I wasn't realizing this was going to be a bit of a repeated theme, either.

Wednesday afternoon I was doing some weeding in the gardens, and I noted the above blossom.  It's an iris - again about three months out of season.  Those of you from southern climes will not see this as unusual, as flower shops sell irises as rebloomers.  Here in Canada, a rebloomer is a rare occurrence.  I can think of three times that tall bearded irises sent out a fall stalk.  And remember I'm talking eighteen years, with anywhere between fifty and two hundred varieties -- figure it out, the odds are not great.

The above three photos are my daylilies.  I know these are just season ending blooms, but since none of them have had blossoms for several weeks, I thought them photo-worthy - the last hurrah for the season.

The last photo is my delphinium.  Actually I know on good years, if you deadhead after the first flush, they will sometimes send out a half-hearted second attempt.  Now to be honest, these are actually two new plants purchased late in the season  - dried out and uninteresting to most customers.  A good soaking, replanting in bigger pots, with lots of compost and voila.... a new lease on life and a pleasant show of thanks for my TLC.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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