Friday, September 30, 2011

Heavenly Blue Morning Glories

I've know I've posted several snaps of the morning glories already - bear with me.  This will be my last for the year (probably).

Early this summer I bought three pots of Heavenly Blue morning glories, already started - I know, why didn't I just start my own for a fraction of the price?  I transplanted them into little boxes where my clematis are already planted - either side of the garage and one right in the middle between the doors.  So from here on we shall refer to them as Lefty, Middy and Righty, alrighty?

They were all treated the same way - a hole dug, half filled with composted manure, watered infrequently (well sometimes frequently when it rained).

Lefty and Middy sent up a few blossoms within days of being transplanted - mid July (yes I know it was late). I thought, great, I'm going to have blossoms all summer.  Righty just put her head down and kept growing - very luxuriantly, I might add.

Middy then went into a sulk - it is really dry in her little box, which is dug into the sand around the foundation and surrounded by the crushed stone on the driveway - maybe some excuse for her behaviour.  About once every two weeks, she sent up on half hearted attempt at a blossom, but has long since lapsed into barren childlessness, although she is putting up a few more vines in the late September days.

Righty continues to grow into luxuriant fullness, vines everywhere, threatening to strangle anything within six feet of her grasp.  Nary a blossom.  I do note that there are a few tiny embryonic buds starting to form which should bloom about time for the New Year - think Canadian frost being at least a week overdue.

But then on to Lefty.  Lefty has been the only plant that has done what I desired, and it is her faithfulness, that will inspire me to plant even more of her kind next spring.  Most days for the past month there have been at least three or four gorgeous cerulean blossoms greeting me as I exit the garage.   Today Cinderella really has outdone herself - and the Prince of Procrastination (that'd be me) is proud.

Now if someone can explain the slothful, lazy ways of her step-sisters to me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. Very pretty. I used to have them but they seem to take over too much.

  2. They are beautiful. Mine come up from seed but this year only one color appeared.

  3. Your morning glory is great. I grew from seed but seem to have less growth and flowers than yours, so maybe good that you bought an established plant. All the best, Kelli.

  4. Hey! Nice to meet you! Thanks for the comments over on my blog! I finally got around for a visit! :)
    Morning Glories are sometimes fussy..I will give you my opinion..worth about 2 cents.
    Middy had too warm of roots and sent out a few flowers before she croaked.
    Righty just loved her fertilizer and she just put all her effort into vegetative growth. She may have the perfect spot..but next year give her no fertilizer.

    Lefty did out of three isn't bad.
    I suppose you wanted uniform looking plants .. I would try President Tyler if I were you and see if he does better for you..although the Heavenly Blue is heavenly:)

  5. Gorgeous and I love, love, love the last photo. I have purply ones this year that self-seeded from last year and are going crazy on my cedar hedge!


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