Thursday, September 1, 2011

50 Accomplishments I Am Grateful To Have Achieved

Today is the day we trundle Eldest and all her earthly belongings back to university.  It is not the happiest of days and I will write about it next week.  Father's hearts can hurt too.

But in the vein of my birthday celebratory week here is the next of my list. This probably sounds like a bragging session, but I prefer to think of it as a list of things I am grateful and thankful to have had the opportunity to achieve in life.  If anything strikes a chord with yourselves that is good too.

Again, no particular order.

  1. Moving to Eastern Ontario from Northern Ontario
  2. Becoming a Husband, Marrying the missus, May 05, 1990
  3. Becoming a Dad, Birth of Eldest, Jan 11, 1992
  4. Birth of Youngest, Sept 16, 1994
  5. Grade VIII Valedictorian, 1975
  6. Ontario Scholar, Grade XIII Graduation
  7. Diploma in Agriculture, 1982
  8. Physical Strength and Endurance
  9. Degree in History, University of Waterloo
  10. Masters of Science in Teaching, SUNY Potsdam
  11. Qualifying as a Teacher
  12. Completion of each Distance Education Undergrad course
  13. Becoming a Blogger
  14. Farming for 30 + years
  15. Research and Compilation of Family Tree Data
  16. Learning Successful Plant Propagation Techniques/Grafting
  17. Learning to Ride a Bicycle 
  18. St Joseph's School Christmas Concert Music Programs
  19. Qualifying as a Pressman
  20. Being Hired by DuPont
  21. Becoming a respected gardener
  22. Playing By Ear
  23. Playing 'Wilson' in Annie Get Your Gun
  24. Becoming a Bovine Artificial Insemination Technologist
  25. Entering and Winning in Many Fair competitions
  26. Constructing Loft, Stairs and Dining Room in Farmhouse
  27. Graduating with a Diploma in Agriculture 
  28. Painting and Drawing
  29. Hard Work Ethic
  30. New Years Eve Community Family Concerts
  31. 26 years of work in Industry
  32. Performance in Many Different Choirs
  33. Running a Roadside Market
  34. Cataloguing and Preparing Family Albums
  35. Recovering from a major eye injury
  36. Getting the lab analyst job at DuPont
  37. Paying off two mortgages 
  38. 4.0 GPA in Masters Studies
  39. Learning to Swim
  40. Running a 10 K Marathon
  41. Two wonderful, beautiful, talented daughters
  42. Painting Theatrical Sets
  43. 37 years of journal entries
  44. Surviving a Termination
  45. Becoming an in-demand supply teacher
  46. Completing Grade XIII Chemistry by correspondence
  47. Performing Handel's Messiah chorus
  48. 21 and half years of wonderful marriage
  49. Completing Beginner French Course
  50. Reaching 50

    And that is about all I have to say for today.

    Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.


    1. Wow! What a fascinating life you've had so far. You should very proud of all that. And my favourite is #24! :)

    2. Bovine insemination is my favorite, I think.
      :-) Not.

    3. An impressive list. I've always loved singing Handel's "Messiah," too. That, and some of the Bach cantatas. Makes the heart soar!


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