Sunday, September 11, 2011

Building the Deck, Part II

So yesterday I showed you the ground work - quite literally in some of the photos.  We got up bright and early and were back at our labours before most folks were even up.

We are both quite pleased with how the project is turning out.  It's a great learning experience for both of us, and absolutely wonderful to work together as a team.  We never seem to get tired of each other's company and seem to be able to fill our together time with chatter.

The Missus screwing on deck floorboards - note the antennae - what a pleasure to work around ....NOT(the antennae, not the Missus)!

Yep, I just pretty much sat around all day, whilst the boss worked.
Well I did cut a few floor boards - new circular saw - actually cuts a straight line - Wow!

So the flooring went on, and the railings went up.  We might have finished except for the fact we ran out of railing spindles and we had to get back in time to run Youngest to work for 4:00.

Starting the railing spindles.

One railing pretty much up.

Round the corner with the railiing
Worm's eye view of the railing wall.

View from the other side.
So we still need to finish up the rest of the railing, and build a set of steps (that ought to be fun).  My father-in-law and I actually built the second set of stairsteps to the loft in our farmhouse.  Neither of us had done it before and they actually turned out okay.  They're still standing after all these years.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. You two made quite the team. Doesn't look like it was an easy shape either.

    You say you're a supply teacher is that the same as what we call here in the states, a substitute teacher? A lot of teachers here retire and then go back as substitutes. Not me. I'm enjoying being home, setting my own schedule.

  2. Yes a supply teacher and a sub are the same. Actually here in Canada we prefer to be called Occasional Teachers, but I'm not sure how appropriate that is, sounds like we just teach once in a while - I did 180 days last year out of 192.

    Yes we have the same issue in Canada of retirees taking all the available spots. No, I am not a retiree - I just am starting out teaching - have only been doing it full time for a year and a half. I was one of those hit by the recession - lost a longterm career and had to go back at something new. Unfortunately I qualified as a teacher only after any hope for a contract position evaporated - that pretty well leaves supply work. I'm really glad to have that though, as there are a lot of newly graduated teachers who can't even get to that point.

  3. The deck is looking mighty good! You guys are doing a great job! One problem: Where are the safety glasses in these pics? Mmm. Think of me as your conscience.

  4. Wow, what a great job you've done!


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