Saturday, September 10, 2011

Building the Deck

My brother and sister-in-law live in Rochester, New York, but have a summer cottage in Westport, about an hour from our home.   They approached me a while back about building a deck on the side of their cottage.   Always happy for work, I accepted, and then proceeded to worry about it until the opportunity finally arose for me to get at it.

I taught Tuesday to Thursday and then got cancelled for Friday, so it was a great chance to tackle the job.  Also the Missus was off Friday too, so we decided to make it a joint effort.  Actually she is a really good apprentice, boss. 

The potential site

Another view
The plans - what an architect!
Digging the holes for the posts

Posts are in roughly
The Missus connecting two timber with a plate.

Yours truly starting to sweat - first joist in place.

Attaching another joist.

Laying out the joists - note all have to be cut on amazing angles, this was not a nice square platform - there was a lot of math done sans calculator.

Joists all cut and hung in place - yippee!
The perpetrators of the crime - the Missus got artsy with the concrete. There is an etching of a cat on another anchor.

Pouring more concrete around each post.
End of Day One, just starting to lay the floor boards - note the light has faded.
To Be Continued...........

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. What a nice job you are doing. It is going to be a great addition to the cabin.


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