Friday, September 16, 2011

Schmooie's Birthday

I've been waiting all year for this particular blog.  Our eldest celebrated her birthday in early January, so of course she got bloggerized (my version of immortilized) early in my blogging career.

Well it is finally time to bloggerize my Youngest.  Youngest is seventeen years old today, and is in her final year of high school.  Wow, where did the time go?  It is no time at all since we brought the smiling cherub home from the hospital - yep she was a smiler from day one - I know it was probably gas, but she will always be remembered as our smiley baby.  She was a jolly little soul, with the most wonderful chubby legs and rolls of baby fat.

In no time at all, we became accustomed to what became known as the 'jolly laugh'.  This was a big, deep throaty cackle - certainly not what you would expect from a tiny toddler.

Unfortunately for the next couple of years though, she did not thrive particularly well.  She suffered sleep apnea (would stop breathing in the night, and her panicked parents would wait for that resumptive gasp that would indicate she was still alive).  As well she had difficulty swallowing meat.  Then there were the poor little ears - infection after infection and always on a Friday night after the doctor's office was firmly closed.

At four, she finally went to CHEO - the sick children's hospital in Ottawa.  Here the diagnosis was pretty straight forward.  She was the proud owner of, as described, "a most impressive set of tonsils".  Out they came.  Other than a minor setback ten days later, when the scabs peeled off and she hemorrhaged, she was a changed girl.  Gone was the peeked pallour and  the restless nights.

Our Boo as we first nicknamed her was a bundle of fun.  Happiness and laughter seemed to surround and follow her through childhood.  Adolescence has altered that somewhat.  The need to be cool, has certainly ascerted itself.  But there is still no better place to be, than when her sister and her forget themselves and revert to complete and utter zaniness.
Donating her long hair for cancer.  She raised a great deal of money for this cause.

About the same time as puberty, she underwent another transformation, she went from Boo to Schmooie.  That is a long story, but has to do with the show, The Nanny.  Brighton, the boy, is christened Schmooie by grandma Yetta.  I'm not certain of the transition here, but somehow, Boo became Schmooie.  My understanding is that Schmooie in Yiddish roughly translates to 'scrambled eggs.' Go figure!
Schmooie and her favourite cat.

Schmoo (as it has now become) is a fashionista.  We are not sure where this came from as neither of the parents care too much about the wonderful world of fashion.  She also has champagne tastes in clothing - think beer budget, with el cheepoes for parents.  However as near as we can see, this is her worst flaw to date.
Winning an award at the Stars of The Festival, April 2011

Grade eleven was a pivotal year.  Eldest sister was gone to university and it was time for the newest queen to come to the forefront in the family hive.  The Missus had just undergone a major shift in diet and exercise and in the process dropped quite a few stonesweight.  Youngest decided to adopt the same regime - since her tonsil surgery, she has always been of a sturdy nature.  Unfortunately she has inherited yours truly's metabolism.  It was a long, arduous process to finally reach her goal, and it is a daily struggle to maintain it.  However much good as come out of this struggle too.  She has certainly improved her self image.  She has also become quite athletic.  Long distance running and daily work outs became second nature. This fall she is a member of the high school senior cross country team - a huge leap from the girl who really didn't even enjoy a walk a few years back.
The Missus and Schmooie decked out for the Opera Gala in which they performed

She is certainly determining to make the most of her senior year.  As well as cross-country, she is auditioning for a part in the drama department's production of The Boyfriend as well as performing in stage band.  Dad sees this as a step forward, getting away from the need to always be the 'cool' one.

Her plans at this moment (and actually for several years) are to go into the funeral business in post secondary education.  I'm not certain where that gene came from, but she is the right temperment - stoic, and nothing phases her.

So my dear, this is your birthday. You've changed and enriched our lives immeasurably.  You have such wonderful potential, go out and use it.  Find your place in the world, a world that is a better place for you becoming a part of it.   We love you.
Upper Canada Village this summer

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. A daughter to be truly proud of. Happy Birthday to her!
    I have two daughters too. One is 30, married and living in New Hampshire. She blogs at Green and Jeans. The other is 25 and living in China and blogs at Brown Eyes China. Both are linked on my blog. They make us proud.

  2. What a beautiful young woman, inside and out!

  3. What a lovely young lady. I know you're a proud papa. (Better stick to tee shirts so you don't pop your buttons!)

  4. You have a beautiful daughter who, we can see, is very well loved.

  5. Well, happy birthday, Bethany! September is obviously a great month. Funeral business? I didn't know that tidbit. Interesting.


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