Wednesday, August 31, 2011

50 Memorable Events

Sorry readers, this one is definitely just for me, unless you've had the privilege of attending similar events.

  1. May 5th 1990, Our Wedding Day
  2. Jan 11, 1992, Birth of Eldest
  3. Sept 16, 1994, Birth of Youngest
  4. August 1989, purchasing the Addison farm
  5. June 30, 2008, purchasing our new home
  6. Southern Ontario Iris Tours 
  7. Working at the South River Cattle Barns
  8. Young Farmers Week in Ottawa, 1989
  9. Trip to Picton to get Heritage Apple Varieties Scionwood
  10. Camp Iawah, Eldest's Grade 7/8 Trip, chaperone 
  11. Celtic Thunder Concert, Kingston, April 2009
  12. Sunday School trip to Toronto, 1969
  13. Prince Edward Island vacations 
  14. Buying my first cows 
  15. Dunchurch Fall Fair
  16. Shear Madness in St Jacobs
  17. Day I met my Missus, May 1989
  18. Trip to Blythe and Goderich, 2005
  19. Saturday Evenings with Don and Orma Quinn 
  20. First Day at Potsdam State University
  21. Trips to North Bay to visit my sister when I was a teen
  22. May 24th weekends with the aunts
  23. Day with Cousin Loreene, going to Grimsby, looking for genealogy information
  24. Graduation from SUNY Potsdam as a Qualified Teacher
  25. Christmas Day 
  26. Getting out of the hospital after my eye injury
  27. Rittermere Bus Trip, 1974
  28. Any day at Upper Canada Village
  29. Week with both sets of parents in PEI 
  30. Addison Garden Tour
  31. Free Leahy concert in Cape Breton Island
  32. New York City Trip 2007
  33. Renaissance Festival, 2011 
  34. College Dances 
  35. Niagara Falls Vacation - Butterfly Conservatory
  36. Black Creek Pioneer Village visit 
  37. Picking Wild Blueberries back on the burn
  38. Winter Weekend Getaways in Ottawa
  39. Attending the Elmvale Livestock Auction with my friend Reg
  40. Heart Concert at Maple Leaf Gardens, 1985
  41. Trips to Wonderland
  42. Marineland trip
  43. Family Weddings
  44. Josh Groban concert in Ottawa
  45. School Trip to Wye Marsh and St Marie Among the Hurons, Grade 6
  46. Grade XIII Graduation, Parry Sound High School
  47. Catering Special Events Dinners in our home
  48. Graduation Day from University of Waterloo, BA, 2001
  49. Lancaster, Pennsylvania Trip, November 2010
  50. New Liskeard Agricultural College Final Royal, April 1982

    And that is about all I have to say for today.

    Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.

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    1. The list really is a good way to get to know someone. Being in the north country I find it fun to see all that you do. Your header photo is great.


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