Sunday, August 7, 2011

Renaissance Fair

Well as you can probably see it is late at night, and I haven't yet posted for today.  Actually I had a post on Auto-publish, that obviously misfired somewhere along the planned schedule.

We have been away for the weekend at the Renaissance Fair in Sterling, New York.  What an absolute hoot!  However it is late and I am too tired to download any pictures for tonight, but look out for tomorrow!

Renaissance Fair, Sterling, New York

On our way there, we came across the following establishment - you know you are in redneck country when.....

Really do I need to say anything else for today?

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  1. Renaissance fairs are such fun. Years ago when we went to one, my hubby and I were trying to decide about something to eat. He opted for a big ol' turkey leg, and I was arguing with myself over a plate of potato skins that was piled high with the works ... cheese, sour cream bacon, etc. I was grumbling about all the cholesterol, and one of the workers overheard me. "Oh no, milady," she said. "Cholesterol hasn't been invented yet!"


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