Monday, August 22, 2011

Rainy Sunday

It started out as a heavy Scotch mist in the early morning, progressed to steady downpour by church letout, and then came down in buckets all afternoon.  It was a perfect rainy Sunday and we needed it.  The gardens just sat there like sponges and the lawn, well it's never looked better.

I dropped young lassie off at work for breakfast duty, and then drove to a spot along the highway, where I could pick up some flat rock/flagstone for a gardening project.  That only took a few minutes, but my bomber jacket was soaked to the gunnels.

During church, the pounding rain on the roof did battle with the minister.  I must admit, a few times it almost lulled me off.  Folks met in the atrium after service, husbands bravely venturing forth to retrieve cars from the flood-puddled yard.  Sodden vehicles splashed up to the doorway, one by one, and the crowds quickly dispersed, damp shouldered and steaming to partake of their Sunday brunch.

Time for a Sunday afternoon nap.  Torrents of rain pummeled our roof, and in no time at all I was in la-la land.

Unfortunately our storms caused severe damage and death elsewhere in our province.  One of my favourite towns, Goderich, was hit by an F2 tornado about the time I was sawing logs yesterday.  One man was killed, and 37 others hurt, as well as numerous buildings and structures severely damaged. Goderich tornado

I should have taken photos yesterday, while the ditches were overflowing, but as it is still sprinkling this morning, I grabbed the camera and took a few shots of the full ditches and rain drenched blossoms.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. We have had almost a full week of rain. Sometimes it was just at night, but everyday the malnourished grass became more green,and the weeds have popped up by feet, instead of inches. They say we got a record amount of rain for the month of August, but it all depends what side of the street you were on. Some areas flooded and there were accidents galore; here in my little town, we got just enough. I look out at my garden today, the sun is shinning, the breezes are perfect, and the flowers are magnificent. I know that if I walk around and inspect all the areas of my yard, I will find patches of rot, but I have decided not to do that and just enjoy the overall scenery.

    Hope you are having a beautiful garden today also.

  2. Yowzers! How far was the totnado from you?

  3. Goderich is the other side of the province, on Lake Huron, so about six hours drive.


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