Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Send-Off Party For The Gals

Eldest returns to university in a couple short weeks. She wanted a get together with her ladies before it gets hectic and silly in the mad rush of return, in the next week.  She asked her parents if we would help plan some sort of evening.  Yours truly of course grabbed the chance to cook a fancy meal, and charm the ladies.  Yes I know I am an eternal flirt - it's in my genes, my father was the worst!

The centerpiece, all harvested from the flower beds.

An individual place setting, using great grandmother's dishes (an aside, none of GGrandmother's dishes were harmed in the making of this event - whew!)

The meal consisted of five courses.  Below is the start of the h'ordeuvres -- escargot in mushroom caps.  Seasoned with fresh garlic, parsley, thyme and butter, they were broiled for a few moments to toasty golden orbs of perfection.

The chicken is marinating, encrusted with dried garlic flakes, sundried tomato and fresh rosemary.  The missus was on barbecue duty for this portion of the supper.  I willingly acede barbecuing duties to my better half - I know this is reverse to most marriages, but it works for us.

Prior to sit down, the ladies had a photoshoot outside.  Unfortunately all the group shots are somewhat blurry.  So here are the guests of honour.  Eldest is the tassle-dress clad wonder.  Black dress is a friend since kindergarten, and is the only rookie first year heading off.  The other three are second year veterans.  Two print dresses are friends since grade nine.

Goofus doofus herself!
So here they sit like birds in the wilderness, waiting to be fed.  All growed up and classy, but still little girls at heart.

Yours truly serving up h'ordeuvres
Fresh salads, pretty much all from the garden.  Please note the nasturtium blooms gracing each plate - a major hit with the girls.

Phylo pastry buns with harvarti cheese and basil.  These were tasty and they'd have devoured twice as many if I'd had them.

Goofus taste testing nasturtium blossoms.

Serving up the entree.
The entree, again was mostly fresh from the garden.  Fingerling potatoes are one of our new favourites in the garden.  I've grown them in the past, but never got much yield.  This year is a bumper crop and they are such wonderful buttery-tasting, waxy-textured gems.

Desert was more phylo pastry, topped with vanilla pudding, garnished with fresh berries and drizzled with maple syrup.  Didn't hear any complaints about this one - and so easy!

So the ladies had a lot of fun, as did the parents.  Now if I could just somehow make a business out of small time catering.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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