Saturday, August 20, 2011

Farm Dumps - A Glimpse Into Yesteryear


The farm dump used to be a fixture of most farms for many years. In my tramps through the woods (trespassing I'm well aware) I have located a dozen or so such vestiges of a former generation.  Unfortunately on one local farm, the farmer still has this same practice in present day, with plastic bags and detritis floating about his back forty in a shameful display of modern affluence and loathsome effluence.

However I find most of the old dumps of yesteryear a rather fascinating glimpse into life in a simpler time.  The collections of glass and metal are probably somewhat innocuous from an environmental perspective, unlike our chemical and petroleum based trash of today.


Children's playground?

Rock-a-bye baby ......

Polly put the kettle on ......
Tractor front end and fender wells

Car bonnet with encroaching tree or is is vice versa?

I'm especially fond of the old skeletal remains of farm equipment, the rusted wheels, cogs and chains that laboured for many a year under the watchful eye of the careful farmer.  The era, the farmer and the livestock may be long gone, but the old machinery stands testament to the labours that made agriculture the backbone of our nation.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. Looks like our place 4 years ago before we got it cleaned up. We still dig up pieces of garden hose and rusty metal parts that my FIL threw around. haha!

  2. I understand your interest in the history of what has been left behind.

  3. Interesting :) How long must that car bonnet have been there?


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