Saturday, August 6, 2011

Two New Garden Ideas

Okay neither of these are fancy, but hopefully they are functional.

This first effort is inside my hoophouse.   This was just a weedy corner, with a tarp or two piled up, six bags of cow manure and a family of garter snakes.  Eviction notices were served and this is day one.

Eight pepper plants and four tomato plants, set in new topsoil.

Eight more tomatoes.

This is a definite experiment for this year.  I know it is late in the year to be putting in new plants, but I'm hoping to extend my gardening season a month or two, with some care.  If not I'm just out the cost of four, four-packs of veggie plants at half price.

And next year, well................................


We love blackberries.  As a child we used to go and pick wild ones, and get thoroughly scratched up in the process of getting the little black jewels.  I was in a garden center the other day and they had four thornless blackberry plants on half price - three concepts that tickled my fancy.  So I bought them.  But now I had the dilemma of where to put them. 

I know they need their own separate area - they get big and all-consuming.  I know they like dry feet - that can be a problem on our low property.  I know they need winter protection.  So the south side of my little greenhouse, seemed to be the logical spot.  The greenhouse will hopefully provide a little shelter from the all-out north winds, and hopefully the passive heat generated inside the greenhouse will modify the soil temperature slightly, outside.  Time will tell, but I can already taste those juicy fruits.

Please ignore weeds growing inside the greenhouse - the gardener should have done some weeding before the photo session.

And that is all I have to say for today.

Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.


  1. Looking good, weeds and all ;)Mo

  2. Haha! Well, weeds or no, the garden is looking really good. It does help make a garden feel more "live" and "wild," that's for sure. A bit of weeding is in order, in any case.

    -Jamie Keifer

  3. I bet, by now, you've already harvested your peppers and tomatoes. There's nothing as sublime and fulfilling than eating your first freshly picked, homegrown produce. Gardening enhances your creativity. It's definitely something to throw some seeds down and then wait to see what grows. :D

  4. We have blackberries in our garden too, and we have them wrapped around our fence. It really does a good job of keeping our privacy with all the thorns and leaves.. :P I think it would be wise to make use of it. Anyway, how was your summer last year? It must’ve been really sweet with the berries ready for harvesting. :]


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