Thursday, May 5, 2011

Twenty One Years Ago Today

Twenty one years ago today, I married my best friend.  How the time has flown!  We were young and relatively carefree, and had lots of hopes and dreams.

A myriad of water has rippled and raged under the proverbial bridge in twenty one years.  Actually, quite a bit flowed that first day.  May 4th, 1990, was a beautiful, warm sunny Friday.  We did a lot of last minute preparations, including planting a new flower bed on the front lawn of the farm.  Saturday morning dawned, not so warm, not so sunny, completely sodden, with gusting winds, blowing sheets of icy rain throughout eastern Ontario.

The first order of the day was to call and cancel the horse and buggy that was to have taken us away from the church.  But in spite of the inclement weather, we were still married, and actually the wind did make for some interesting wedding photos, as the missus' veil floats, perpendicular to her form.  I'd like to say that the currents dishevelled my hair, but even twenty one years ago, that would have been a lie.

Twenty one years, two daughters, an assortment of cats, many cattle and chickens, two different homes, two career changes, and a whole lot of life experiences, we're still standing and still best friends.  It seems we've had quite a few trials over the past few years that have really tested us, and it is so good to have a partner upon whom you can completely confide, trust and rely.

We not the young, vibrant dreamers we were twenty one years ago (life and kiddies suck the passion and excitement out of us middle-agers).  However, we are worn, dog-eared, and comfortable together.  Well maybe its just me that is worn and dog-eared, the missus looks pretty darn good for being nearly the half century. But the comfortable pair of old chums is still my best analogy for our marriage.  So here's to the next twenty one years and more, my dear, from your dog-eared and threadbare companion.

And that is about all I need to say for today.

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  1. Oooh! Congratulations, and what a lovely couple. Our 18th anniversary is this Sunday. May you have many more wonderful years together.

  2. That was beautiful! In many countries, the belief is that rain on that your wedding day will bring a bountiful harvest for life. It seems in your case that was true. May your many years ahead continue to be productive and happy.

  3. Happy Anniversary! My hubby and I will be celebrating our 42nd anniversary later this month, and we too are still the best of friends. It rained the morning of our wedding, too, and everyone told me it meant Heaven was shedding tears of joy for us. ('Course, I have a sneaky feeling that no matter what the weather had been, they would've come up with some interpretation that meant it was a good omen...)
    Middle age may suck some of the passion and excitement out of life, but trust me ... retirement brings it back!

    Take care, and thank you, dear sir, for signing onto my blog as a follower.

  4. Congratulations! I still like the comment at the reception about hte sign that said "Fill (Phil) wanted! :-)


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