Sunday, May 15, 2011

Redneck Country

The other day, I blogged about some of the beautiful scenery that I experience each morning on my 45 minute drive to work.  I feel I should give some balance to this beauty.  Yesterday I took my camera with me, expressly to capture some other folks' idea of beauty.  There were a couple of lawn ornaments that have caught my attention over the past year, and I thought I should pay homage to redneck fashion.  It is funny when you start to focus on the hick and the hokey, just how many other examples leap to focus.  Sometimes it is the just the juxtapositioning of class and non-classy that raises awareness.  Actually one of the aforementioned cars sits in front of a very attractive house - so why would you leave it there?  The car is hardly a classic -- well maybe classic boat, but no other claim to notoriety.  I'm sure there must be a story though, and maybe I'm poking fun at someone's attempt at poetry and nostalgia.

Yep, the tires are grown right into the lawn???

same story, different location

I hope you will enjoy some of the examples of finery and classic taste that I was able to capture.
Where else but Canada would you see the flag flying over four tires (no there was not a for sale sign)

This place is actually quite neat, but farm equipment as lawn ornaments everywhere, and this is only one side of the lawn, the other side has more.  Can't imagine mowing around them all every week.
The accumulation of junk, and I didn't get the stove right out on the shoulder of the highway
The ultimate redneck symbol in Eastern Ontario

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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