Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Computer And I Are Both Knackered

So last night, just as I'm dropping off to sleep, my eldest pops into the bedroom with the announcement, "Dad I think we just got a virus."

Her and youngest downloaded a movie to watch together last night, and obviously in the process picked up something.

I ran our antivirus program, it caught one item and said all was well, but when I attempted to log back on the internet, it kept telling me my computer was at risk and that I needed to run this Spyware 2011 program to fix it. 

A call to the computer shop this morning confirmed we did have an issue.  It is not a virus, but is malware, which has the disabling effect, but not as damaging apparently.  Anyway, computer is off at the shop for the weekend -- wouldn't you know it would have to be the long weekend.  So I have eldest daughter's computer hooked up temporarily to get us through the weekend.  Can't believe how much you use the computer throughout the day.

So that was the start of my morning.  Then I could not get the whippersnipper to start.  Why did I wait until the long weekend to try it?  Good question!  Fortunately I was able to get it into the shop, and an enterprising fellow was able to get it running in a few minutes - a thousand blessing his way.

I spent four hours at a clients, cutting and trimming lawn.  And there was sun!  And it was nice and warm!
Came home, had a wee nap, and then whipper snippered here, and rototilled the garden.  Ordinarily I would be planting this weekend, but after our torrential rains, the garden is basically mud.  Hopefully the quick workup will help to dry it up for Monday.

So between the physical activity, fresh air and sun, yours truly is pretty much pooped, to say nothing of sunburned and bleary-eyed.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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