Sunday, May 1, 2011

May has come into the world this morning and what a great morning it is.  On my morning stroll about the property, I note a few more tulip clumps are starting to show their colours. Another few days of this kind of weather and they ought to make an amazing display.

I spent the nice hours yesterday working in two clients' gardens.  The one gentleman, I did a lot of prep work, and new beds last fall, so his spring bulbs are just starting to make a show.  I spent half an hour or so up in his apple tree taking out yet more branches.  A couple of weeks back I was in the same position for a couple of hours.  This time though, he had an electric chainsaw, that made quick work of dead limbs and water shoots.  The tree now looks a little less unruly, although I suspect it will sulk severely and then send up even more sucker shoots to deal with next spring.  Then I fertilized and overseeded his lawn -- seems to have a lot of unexplained dead circles on his lawn, which makes me wonder if a neighbour's canine hasn't been marking territory.

In the afternoon, I tackled another smaller, more formal garden, situated on a city lot on the St Lawrence River.  The first big boats of the season chugged by, and the blackbirds kept me entertained as I deadheaded, pruned and moved a few plants into new homes.

It feels good to have a couple of my gardens in decent shape for the flush of spring.  Now if I just felt the same about my other gardening responsibilities.  Oh and I just about forgot, between the two jobs yesterday, I slipped out and got another load of manure for my own garden -- one more and I'll about have it.


Last night, youngest daughter was asked to dance in a Zumba demonstration at the Multicultural Fair, held in our fair community.  It has been a few years since I went to the fair.  I ate supper sparingly at home, and thus was able to partake of several international treats.  Cultural dances from many different lands were the order of the evening, and were most entertaining and colourful.  What made the whole affair unique, was the fact that the entire center was operating on generator power, as much of the power distribution is still out of service from Thursday's wind.  Unfortunately, while it created a pleasant ambiance, it was not the best for picture taking.

Youngest shakin' the bootie!

The Zumba troupe was the last performance of the evening.  Oh my, but they were exhuberent.  I grew tired just watching them.  I suppose if I did that every day, for an hour, I'd be slim too.  But to be honest I'd rather shovel poop or pull weeds.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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