Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Cost of Birth, 63 Years Ago

This post is actually a day late.  I couldn't get my act together in time to pull it off -- too much searching and scanning to get it done yesterday morning.

May 17th was my oldest brother's 63rd birthday.

Mom and Dad were married August 2nd, 1947, and nine and a half months later, along came their first bouncing baby boy.

I knew that somewhere in Mom and Dad's papers there was some documentation to this effect.  So I went back through the box, marked "important historical papers", and sure enough I found the following items.

You will note the first receipt is from the Parry Sound General Hospital for the sum of $41.00.  I have to assume this was for the room and stay in the hospital.  The second receipt is from Doctor Applebee, who I know was the attending physician for the birth.  Mom never spoke favourably of this particular doctor, and I gather it was a difficult birth, with a doctor lacking in bedside manner.  $25.00 would appear to be his fee for services rendered.  So by my calculations, it cost $66.00 to have a baby in the hospital 63 years ago.  I would love to see what the bill would run today, for the same venture.  Probably best I don't know.

And that is all I have to say for today.

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  1. I remember when my son was born some 40 years ago. The hospital was funded by DuPont and the bill was $250.00 for doctor (did not have to worry about mal-practice then), and the room was $25.00 a day. When my daughter was born two years later, it had gone up to $33.00. I do not think the hospital is still subsidized by the DuPont Fund/Family, and I am sure the rooms are thousands a day now.

  2. Interesting stuff, but I'm not sure you should post the birth certificate of John in this age of identity theft. Just a thought.

  3. Good point. Note it has been removed. Naive old me never even thought about it.


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