Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Canadian Election

It is the morning after the Canadian election event.  I know I should be more passionate about the subject, but I just have this general feeling of malaise toward the whole affair.  Apparently the whole country feels a bit this way, with the lowest eligible voter turnout at 58%.  I am proud to note though, that eldest daughter, at 19, exercised her right to vote, at a time when young people seem to be staying away from the polls in droves.

So after two minority governments, Stephen Harper now has his desired majority.  The Liberals definitely suffered the heaviest blow, losing their status as the leader or leader of the opposition, which they have enjoyed since Confederation.  I have to wonder how Michael Ignatief figures into this defeat.  I think people were just a little uncertain of electing someone who spent his working career outside of the country, a country he hoped to run.   One blog aptly dubbed him, "the Harvard prof on loan".  I like our Liberal candidate in our riding -- she is a no nonsense type of gal, but I know myself, I had trouble taking 'Iggy' seriously. 

The NDP's have certainly gained some ground, becoming the official Leader of the Opposition for this term. From my understanding the NDP resurgence came on the heels of Layton's charisma, and doggedness, having endured cancer treatment and hip surgery in the past few months.  Unfortunately I still recall the days of the Bob Rae government in Ontario -- I know it is a different time, different place, different leader, but same party idealogy.

It is nice to see the Green party actually got a seat - I think they have some merit being in the federal scene.  It was also nice to see the Bloc knocked down -- they've always stood for the common good of the country ....NOT!

Do I think anything earth shattering will come from this election.  Can't see it!  As another blogger called it, it was a 'Seinfeld election' -- pretty much a lot of hoopla, about nothing.  Nobody made any huge promises for job creation, or even job sustainability in the country.  Nobody touched the issue of exponentially rising gas prices.  Harper promised stability, Layton promised change, Ignatief promised .... let me get back to you on that one.

And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. I am grateful that we won't have to deal with this for six months, then it will go on for almost a year of each one tearing the other down and telling half-truths.

    After what happened the other day, things look hopeful that Obama will get re-elected. This will make me happy, however, he should have timed this raid closer to the election.


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