Thursday, May 26, 2011

More On The Birds

I think this is my 150th blog post, and something seems determined to not let me post.  Hopefully I've got the issues ironed out at last.

All in all, it has been a bit of a strange day thus far, though.  First of all I did not get a call to teach - the second day in a row, and only the third day I've had off since November 11th - not sure on that one.

Our one cat, Savannah, has vanished into thin air - just gone!  She is an indoor cat who is never allowed outside and of late has slept on our bed every night, but not last night.  We've searched the house high and low, and outside, in case she might have slipped out unawares.  Gone!  Hopefully I'll be humming the song "..and the cat came back" tomorrow.

My Mastercard has also disappeared.  I know where I used it last, and they don't have it. I called and cancelled the card, but there was no suspicious activity on it.  So now comes the fun part of redirecting all the bills etc to the new card - missus is not too happy with me right now.  I suspect it will appear, now that it is no longer valid.

I was out for the morning, and when I came home, the phone in the bedroom was ringing ..............non stop and no one was there.  Finally got it to shut its gob.

And then Blogger would not let me sign in but after I deleted the Blogger cookie from the system, it grudgingly let me in, so I am posting fast before the window of opportunity closes again.

Remember a few weeks back, I posted a photo of the robin's nest, complete with eggs, that is located just to the right of our entranceway, atop a lamp.  Well the eggs have become little birds and their parents have been running themselves ragged, garnering worms for the little mouths that pop open every time they hear a noise.

And then there were the two ittle mallards that we spotted on our walk the other night.  They were just pleasant to watch, toddling about.

So unless the cat is out shopping somewhere with my card, it has been a strange day, with some very unexplained happenings.  Maybe it was her trying to get me on the phone.
And that is about all I have to say for today.

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  1. I was just thinking that same thing!
    BTW, blogger was freaky for several days--no task bar, no comment section . . . mmmm. The end of the world?

  2. LOVE those baby robins, and ducks. And I'm glad the cat came back!


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