Friday, May 27, 2011

Some Garden Updates

Well the veggie garden is all in (well not the tomatoes and peppers and most of the potatoes -- still a danger of frost in May, where we live).

I had yesterday off, but I want you to see the day was not entirely lost.  I did get some odd jobs done around the yard that have been needing just those few spare minutes.  And the lawn is cut, and half of my client's lawn, so I guess there was some productivity.

Planter boxes ready to be transported to a client's home.

When we bought this place, there were two half barrels located at the entrance to the lane.  They seemed pretty out of place there, so we moved them down onto the lawn, and for two years that has been their home.  But of course, the King of Procrastination is also the King of Change.  Yes, the two barrels are back at the entrance to the lane, but they look a little more in place, with the rail fence and steel wheels that we put in last year.  Here they are, bookends.

The first Tall Bearded Iris is in full bloom.  I was hoping the irises would be a show this year, but there seems to be a very limited number of buds showing.  Hardly surprising when you consider they were all moved last summer from their homes.  When we moved in 2008, I moved nearly 200 clumps to the new place.  Unfortunately, their new home was too wet for their liking and they sat and sulked and attempted to die.  Knowing I had to do something, I made new beds on the slope of the septic and moved them all in.  The plants look great now, and hopefully will put on a show in 2012. That seems to be the way of gardening -- always dreaming about how great next year will be, and forgetting to enjoy what this year really is.

Hot to Trot, TB Iris

Oh yes, and the cat did come back.  Well actually apparently she was never gone.  I guess she must have planned a staycation in the house, and forgot to tell us about it.  Gone all night and day, and then materializes at 4:00 pm -- "Here I am, now feed me!"

And that is about all I have to say for today.

Musings and meanderings from the Musical Gardener.


  1. You are a busy, busy man. I wish my hubby had half your energy and enthusiasm. Heck, I wish I had it also.

    Glad you found your cat.

  2. Did she have the card . . . or perhaps kittens!

  3. Nope, no card yet, and nope, she is fixed.

  4. The barrels look great and I love that Hot-to-trot Iris!


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